The cold call is dead — use automation instead

Photo by Wendy Scofield
Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Empower reputation with automation

The differentiator to business success in our 21st century global economy is reputation. It isn’t enough that companies are seen, they also need to care. Modern consumer demand dictates that companies walk the talk, and because businesses are more visible than ever, there’s literally no hiding place. And as reputation becomes more important, it’s crucial that marketing departments and sales departments work together to generate new leads.

A nurtured lead is a happy customer

The goal is to ensure your company’s products or services are on the curious visitor’s shortlist. Their curiosity alone means they’re in the market for something, and your automation skills will help to nurture their interest over time. They want to buy, but not just yet. Use automation to stay in the consumer’s eyeline using inbound marketing principles and ensure marketing and sales team alignment.

RPA leads to love, actually

But don’t forget the power of maintaining a good relationship with your new customer, which is too often ignored. Don’t be indifferent (I love this infographic). Automation can still play its part in re-engaging with customers so that they feel valued. The idea is to build relationships with people, not constantly acquire new customers. Loyalty will keep your business running from now until the cows come home. Do that instead. It’s better.



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