Clever Sheets wins global Slack Hackathon using Aito

Congratulations on winning the hackathon with the Clever Sheets app!

Can you tell me a bit about the hackathon and category Best Net New Directory App in which you won?

You and Luke decided to go develop Clever Sheets — an app that can help predict missing values in Google Sheets. How did you decide on that particular idea?

  • Slack: amazing technology for communication
  • Spreadsheets (Google Sheets): most common interface used by professionals
  • Aito: a predictive database for developers, eliminating feature engineering

What is the main target group for Clever Sheets?

Clever Sheets now available from Slack App Directory

How does it work technically? Is there a lot of knowledge required from the user?

What would be the most common use cases for Clever Sheets?

How do you see the app evolving?

What are the restrictions on what you can predict?

Anything more you would like to add?



-- decision automation in the cloud. #ML for #nocode and #rpa operators.

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