Boosting Knowledge Management: How agile AI experiments can help big companies like Futurice identify who knows what within their organisation

The whole project only took a couple of weeks and was carried out by developers and UI designers — no data scientists were needed.

  • Flowdock: the internal company chat platform. Information varies from “what’s the recipe for Finnish peasoup” to “I’m facing some weirdness with a non-CLS-compliant API”
  • Google public calendars: this included around historical 500.000 non-private events that Futurice organised or that employees have been invited to
  • Planmill: which houses publicly available project info about who is working on which project/client
  • Power-tool: a project allocating tool which matches employee-skills with their wishes to work on certain projects or with certain technologies
The query syntax resembles SQL, and it reflects Aitos’ internal query pipeline
Version 1 of the user interface. Currently Futurice is developing the UI further.



-- decision automation in the cloud. #ML for #nocode and #rpa operators.

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