Aito and Parabola make your computer work for you

Use case: avoiding duplicates in CRM data


  • You’ll need your own Parabola account. At time of writing you can sign up and get free credits here.
  • I’m using Google Sheets in my example, so you’ll want to have a Google account at your disposal. You can also use CSV’s or other datasources/destinations.

Creating my first workflow

  1. Read company search inputs (aka “human inputs”) from a Google Sheet.
  2. For each row of inputs, check with Aito if the CRM database already contains an entry that is a likely match.
  3. Write search parameters and found likely matches to a new Google Sheet.

#1 Read data from Google Sheet

#2 Get results from Aito API

  1. We are using Aito’s Similiarity function, so we need to set HTTP request type to be “POST”.
  2. Set the endpoint URL, which is in our public example this:
  3. To the “body” field we write the query that goes into Aito. Inside, we need to use {ColumnName} notation to pull the appropriate fields from our input data. The entire query looks like this:
"from": "company_info",
"similarity": {
"Name": "{Name}",
"City": "{City}"
"limit": 1

#3 Write results to Google Sheets

Run it

Wrap up



-- decision automation in the cloud. #ML for #nocode and #rpa operators.

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