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Use RPA to collect better payroll data from multiple sources more securely, and leave Excel behind.

Back in the early 1980s, Microsoft unveiled Multiplan, which eventually morphed into the most popular spreadsheet application in the world: Excel. Of the many use cases for Excel, payroll has to be right up…

When sales and marketing use automation to nurture a potential lead, you can turn curiosity into loyalty … and even love!

Communication has never been more salient. Various forms of communication dominate our social discourse and behaviours, with technology at the forefront of our daily lives. To some, if you…

Technical acronyms during an Apple event may not excite the general public, but there’s potential for RPA and ML to become mainstream terms sooner than you think.

My friend texted me during the recent Apple iPhone 12 presentation. “What does ML even mean?”, he asked. “It all looks fancy, but…

Say what you want about America’s healthcare system, it’s hard to argue that there isn’t significant room for improvement. There is critical consensus around its many issues, from wealthy insurance companies to uninsured ethnic groups missing out on vital treatment. …

One of our users posted a question in our Community Slack that sparked my interest. He was asking how Aito works with Parabola. I had not heard about Parabola before, but looking at it I got excited.

I firmly believe there is so much more to automation than the attention…

The correct company information is found even with typos in the name and a changed address.

Keeping your database clean

Let’s say you want to add a new company, “ABC Holdings”, in your customer database. Which version would you type in?

  1. ABC Holdings — Street 15, New York
  2. ABC Holdings Inc — 15 Street…

In the beginning of March, Slack organized a virtual global hackathon in which teams were challenged to develop the most modern and engaging app experience for their users .

Using the Aito predictive database, Intwixt won the competition in the most challenging category: Best Net New Directory App with their…

By Tommi Holmgren — Chief Product Officer at

RPA practitioners often face situations where they need to work with imperfect data. As a result, we see less than optimal automation rates or sometimes even abandoning a desired workflow as the estimated value creation does not justify the development cost.

We exist to help developers build predictive functionality extremely easily and fast. In order to fulfil this promise, Aito manages a machine learning pipeline inside the predictive database.

The pipeline does operations like statistical relation discovery, feature selection and Bayesian inference, while simultaneously drawing data and statistics from the deeply…

Written by Tommi Holmgren, chief product officer at Aito

99.8% accuracy to predict a product category from invoice data. Done in 15 minutes. See how, and try yourself!

Missing data is everywhere

Recent months have brought several interesting customer cases to us at Aito, and we are looking forward to telling you more about… predictive database — improved automation rates for your #rpa process. Next generation #ML. Try for free:

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